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The Story of Making the Ultra Large Format Camera


​最初の図面 Initial drawing

May 2022
June 2022
Decide the image size

​Find a lens

Carl Zeiss Apochromat 840mm F10.5

Rodenstock Apo Ronar 800mm F9 


Krauss Paris APO Quatryl 840mm f/10.5

Apo Nikkor 890mm f11

Ross APO Xpress 635mm F10

July 2022
レンズをオークションでゲット。Apo Nikkor 890mm F11
​Nikonに探して欲しいと問い合わせてみたが、そっけなく断られた。こんなに良いものが残って居るのに、コスパ重視の風潮に寒さを感じる。 F値 を変える大きなリングの方をボードに固定することにした。F値を変えるのにレンズの本体をぐるっと回すことになる。撮影はほとんど開放で、たまにF16にするぐらいだから、問題はない。
I got a lens at auction, Apo Nikkor 890mm F11.
It was a beautiful and I was happy, but there was no flange to mount it. I asked Nikon to find a flange to mount the lens, but Nikon turned me down. I feel coldness in the trend of not paying attention to such a good lens that is still available. I decided to fix the large F stop ring that changes the f-stop to the board, which means I have to turn the lens body to change the f-stop. I shoot mostly with the lens wide open and occasionally at f/16, so it's not a problem.
July 2022

I made a real size model to fit the image frame.
In horizontal and vertical square position, the back frame is almost 1 m square. When close to equal size shoot, the extension is 1.7 m. Weight will be 4 to 50 kg.
Nov. 2022
The most important aspect is the ability to comfortably operate the camera. We have the support of Daihatsu. We put it on a small light truck and after many meetings, we designed a large cradle that can be manipulated at will.
in box2.jpg
Dec. 2022

After many back and forths via email with my drawings, they were stumped and drew up a blueprint.
The center of the aluminum cutting front frame was completed and sent to me.
Jan. 2023


意外なことに、蛇腹の発注が最も難しかった。日本の数社に見積もりを依頼したが制作不可能との返事だった。一社が応じてくれたが予算をはるかに超えて、納期も6ヶ月とのことだった。知り合いの皮革職人と相談して代わりになる方法を模索し始めたが、そんな時、アメリカの写真家がイギリスに蛇腹の専門家がいるという情報をくれた。恐る恐る、図面を送って問い合わせてみたら、いとも簡単に返事をくれ価格も一桁安かった。宣伝して置こう、もしカメラ蛇腹を作るなら ”custom bellows”

The bellows arrived from England, which I was worried about because they were cheap.  The production of the bellows was unexpectedly difficult. We asked several Japanese companies for quotes, but they replied that it was impossible to produce. One company agreed to do it, but it was far beyond our budget and the delivery time was 6 months. I began consulting with a leatherworker he knew to find an alternative, but then an American photographer informed him that there was an expert in bellows in England. I was afraid to send them the drawings and inquired about them, but they responded very easily and the price was an order of magnitude lower than I had expected. Let advertise that if you want to make a camera bellows, you can use "custom bellows" .

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